Film Festival Rickshaws At The Ready!

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So... each year at the Cromarty Film Festival we have the wonderful Nigel and his minibus ferrying people around from venue to venue, particularly up the steep hill. However, this year we have something really special to add to that.

From 10am to 4pm each day visitors will also get the opportunity to ride in the Cromarty Film Festival Rickshaws. These are provided by 'Cromarty, Cycling without Age' and are manned (and womened) by local volunteers. They will be based at the Hub during Saturday and Sunday so please feel free to use them and don't forget to compliment the drivers legs!

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Cromarty is a beautiful place to visit in the Black Isle, Highlands of Scotland, so happy we managed to attend this year…well done to all involved! So impressed with what you managed to accomplish! Incredible. I’d love to help somehow next year. It was a lovely weekend. Load of nice comments from other creatives on the Instagram. Donna Wilson, award-winning Scottish designer