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Film Festival Rickshaws At The Ready!

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So... each year at the Cromarty Film Festival we have the wonderful Nigel and his minibus ferrying people around from venue to venue, particularly up the steep hill. However, this year we have somethi...
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Two big feature films [Alien + Rye Lane], both exuberant and confident in their embrace of diverse communities – one a modern classic, one set to become one – bookended a delightful festival which was full of variety and texture. The programme of dance films celebrating the late Scottish choreographer, Simon Fildes was like delicate falling leaves when set against the exuberance of Bunny, a short dance film shown on the first day. Some of the creative team were present, their testimonies bringing a moving dimension to the story of how films are put together. The festival was full of such contrasts: lots of very short films allowed the festival to explore a multitude of worlds while looking across the features, there really was something for everyone: the iconic genre-transcending Alien appeared very comfortably alongside new animations and drama. This was the first time the organising team had been made up entirely of women. It was to their considerable credit, I felt, that this was evident not only in the style of the programme but in the care and attention which had been given to making sure that no-one would feel left out or ignored; that there was something for everyone to enjoy. Shan Maclennan, Cromarty resident